S.O.T is the acronym referring to the Sacro Occipital Technique. It was developed by the late Dr. Major B. Dejarnette, D.C, D.O. There are many varying techniques within the Chiropractic field. S.O.T is my primary discipline of choice. To me, it represents the most comprehensive approach to patient care. It includes a variety of full spine and extremity adjusting techniques, craniopathy, organ manipulation, and nutritional protocols.

It has been my experience, that what most sets this paradigm apart from others, is the comprehensive and precise systems of analysis that helps chiropractors zero in on the root cause of many problems.

Dr. Dejarnette was originally an Osteopathic physician who later became so intrigued by work going on in the Chiropractic field, he went back to school and became licensed in both disciplines. Dr. Dejarnette committed his life to the study and application of both techniques. S.O.T became an amalgamation of the best of both disciplines (Dr. Flaherty's opinion). He incorporated organ/visceral manipulation and cranial work that the Osteopathic community was very proficient with, along with many of the spinal and extremity adjusting techniques that the Chiropractors of his time had perfected.

In his quest to refine his technique, he experimented with the use of various color fields as a way to stimulate different parts of the brain cortex (still done today). Along the way he developed a unique process of separating color by the use of gel plates. He patented his work. Soon after, a little photography company called Kodak wanted to develop color photographs and bought the rights to his patent. Overnight he became a wealthy man, even by today's standards.

But that's the least impressive part of Dr. Dejarnette's life. With his newfound resources he opened a larger clinic and began doing the research he so desperately wanted to do. He designed and funded large, anonymous research projects and hired the best and brightest physicians, researchers and anatomists of his time. It is said that none of these researchers knew that they were working for a chiropractor, because he wanted to keep his research as pure as possible. Arthur Guyton, MD was one such researcher whose study of the central nervous system and brain is still referenced in many medical, osteopathic, and chiropractic schools today.

With his new found wealth and passion for research, Dr. Dejarnette stopped charging patient fees. He dedicated his practice to the development of the techniques still practiced today. For the years, it is said that Dr. Dejarnette, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of S.O.T., refused to accept any new patients unless they already had previously experienced some form of chiropractic treatment without success.

Dr. Dejarnette passed away on May 31, 1992, but his work is still taught and researched today. He never retired. He practiced up until his death. He published numerous volumes of research and literature. His work has become invaluable to countless practitioners worldwide. Today, the Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI) and its' sister organization S.O.T.O, carry on his research and teachings.

Of all the Chiropractic seminars, associations and organizations I have been a part of, I am most proud to be associated with SORSI.

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