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COVID 19 UPDATE:  Our office is committed to remaining open.  As a small, solo provider we have full control of our environment.  We are currently superceding the CDC recommendations.  We only schedule one person at a time.  We allow only one patient per room and upon completion of each visit, each room, table, chair, surfaces and materials are sanitized.  The doctor and staff are gloved and maskedat all times. We have handwashing stations in each room for your convenience.  

If you need to be seen, we are here for you.   We want you to be safe and secure at all times.  Hence, the measures we have in place.  

               CURRENT SCHEDULE:    M-W-F       (7-12, 1:30 -5:30)              T & H   (7-12)     

New patients will need to call to schedule a first appt.  Current patients are encouraged to use our online scheduler below.

If you would like to hear what our patients are saying click <HERE>

If you would like to support yourself nutritionally during this time we have a 5-week whole food program taught by Functional Nutritionst, Ashlee Knotts, starting Tuesday October 6th. You can read more and sign up by clicking <HERE>

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